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Healthy Central Georgia is a focused initiative of Community Health Works designed to improve the overall health of individuals in seven counties of Central Georgia - Bibb, Houston, Monroe, Crawford, Jones, Peach and Twiggs - through concentrated activities in the following five areas: Tobacco-free living: Active Living and Healthy Living; High Impact Clinical and other Preventive Services; Healthy and Safe Environment; and Social and Emotional Wellness.

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Healthy Central Georgia is a focused initiative of Community Health Works (CHW) that serves a seven-county region including Bibb, Crawford, Houston, Jones, Monroe, Peach and Twiggs.  All seven counties are designated as either whole or partial county Medically Underserved Areas, and a significant percentage of the target region is classified as rural by the Health Resources and Services Administration.  
Chronic diseases continue to affect both the health and economy of the target area adversely.  Although most chronic diseases – such as heart disease stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes – are highly preventable, the lives of far too many people in our region are still being cut short by these diseases.  Community Health Works strongly believes in educating the region about the risk factors for and prevention of prevalent chronic diseases and creating healthier communities through programs that promote proper nutrition, increased physical activity, and health literacy.  From educational interventions in the classroom to community forums, CHW seeks to facilitate community engagement and awareness around the importance of preventive programs and health consequences related to poor health habits.  Additionally, the Healthy Central Georgia website and social community will include information about current programs and activities to serve as a single resource guide for the community.

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