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The health care system in the United States, plagued by spiraling costs, unequal access, and uneven quality, can find its best chance of improving the health of the population through the improvement of behavioral health services. It is in this area that the largest potential payoff in reduction of morbidity and mortality and increased cost-effectiveness of care can be found. 

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In an effort to improve not only the outcomes, but the overall costs of caring for individuals with chronic diseases, CHW, in partnership with the Medical Center of Central Georgia's WT Anderson Clinic, has developed a case management program that relies heavily on a unique form of counseling, called motivational interviewing. This counseling approach is a collaborative, patient-centered form of guided counseling aimed at eliciting and strengthening motivation for personal change. In addition to serving as the patient's consultant, coordinator, and resource through the healthcare system, our Behavioral Healthcare Counselor, also works with the patient to change the underlying behavioral traits that oftentimes lead to or exacerbate  many chronic conditions.

This program is currently only available at the WT Anderson Clinic, but data from participant's has already shown a significant decrease in both unfavorable outcomes and over utilization of emergency department services.

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