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Community Health Works
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Community Health Works is a bold organization seeking innovative health solutions and providing compassionate advocacy for people financially compromised by their medical needs, while reducing the burden on local health providers. Our programs are currently focused in the following three areas:

Health & Wellness


Although most chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes – are highly preventable, the lives of far too many people in our region are still being blighted and cut short by these diseases. Community Health Works, therefore, believes strongly in educating the region about the risk factors for and prevention of prevalent chronic diseases and creating healthier communities through programs that promote and implement strategies for a lifetime of wellness.



Disease Management


The impact of complications associated with poor chronic disease management now leaves the largest single footprint in our healthcare system, makes up approximately seventy five percent of all healthcare spending, and adversely affects the lives of over 125 million Americans. To help combat this epidemic, Community Health Works focuses on helping individuals learn how to live with chronic illnesses, treating individuals with structured and integrated care, and delaying the onset of complications.



Healthcare Delivery


 During this time of transformation, healthcare providers are faced with burdens implementing electronic health records in their practices and trying to comply with multiple quality programs. Community Health Works is playing a critical role in helping local providers navigate the changing landscape of healthcare service delivery by assisting them in implementing health information technology, developing consistent clinical workflows, and promoting the adoption and adherence to evidence based clinical quality measures.


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